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LIDAR measurement

Save Hundreds on Every Job

Aurora uses LIDAR 3D data to calculate building heights, roof slopes, and tree heights. LIDAR data is also used to calculate how much irradiance (sunlight) and shading is cast on a rooftop, so sites can be quickly screened for their solar potential.

With LIDAR, you can skip truck rolls and sell to your customers with confidence. Accurate system design and bankable shade reports can be generated quickly and remotely. To put that in context, accurate remote site assessment could save you the equivalent of half the cost of an average string inverter!

LIDAR model

Close More Deals

How do you communicate what makes your company stand out from the pack in a competitive industry where many homeowners are getting several different solar quotes?

With the power of LIDAR and Aurora's solar roof app, the homeowner can easily see how much irradiance their roof receives, making it easy for installers to explain their solar design decisions. A precise 3D model of the customer's home with their solar design and locally required setbacks, is one way to help them understand the quality design processes that differentiate your company from the competitors.


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Premium and Enterprise accounts now have access to the largest set of 3D data in any solar sales and design application.

With over 90% of the U.S. covered and some international locations, say goodbye to change orders. The new data allows you to get the design rightfirst time around.

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