With Aurora Secure Mode, You Can Control What Your Sales Team Can See and Edit


You can lock site models to prevent changes to tree heights and buildings.

Give your sales team everything they need to wow the customer, including: interactive design tools, powerful performance simulations, and stunning visuals.

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Drive Up Close Rates with Consultative Sales

Show homeowners what their house looks like with a PV system to evaluate design choices and rate incentives in real-time. 

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Eliminate Costly Cancellations

Setup guardrails to control what sales people can see and edit. Install what you sell.

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Improve Customer Experience to Get More Referrals

Improve customer satisfaction through a streamlined sales experience and installation process. Turn every consultation into a customer.

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Work Smarter to Accelerate Revenue & Profitability

Align your sales, design and operations teams to drive pipeline and productivity as a single unified team.

"With Aurora we’ve cut our sales timeline from three weeks to one week."
Trevor Wright, Executive Director of Sales, SEMPER SOLARIS

Want to learn how to turn every consultation into a sale?

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