Sell better solar with HD imagery

Announcing high-definition imagery in Aurora

Say hello to crisp HD imagery

Sometimes satellite imagery can be fuzzy, making accurate 3D modeling difficult.

With a minimum Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of 2.8 inches, each image is crystal clear.

Identify every obstruction

Commercial sites are full of vents and skylights; don't let drawing them fill up your day.

Our computer vision technology cuts design time drastically by automatically detecting obstructions. HD imagery enhances this process.

Stay up-to-date

With fresh data several times a year, you can trust that what you're seeing reflects the truth on the ground.

Seeing new construction and imagery from different seasons helps you avoid onsite surprises and costly change orders.

Eschew skew

An accurate site model is the foundation of a quality design, and skewed imagery can present a modeling challenge.

While tools like SmartRoof help ensure modeling accuracy, with orthorectified HD imagery you can rest assured that what you see is spot on.

Elevate your solar today