New in Aurora: View Live Rates and Access Commercial Financing

Aurora Solar has partnered with a leading commercial financing provider, Sustainable Capital Finance, to bring Aurora clients in-app access to PPA financing! Aurora users can now get live, actionable PPA rates and apply for financing directly in their Aurora account. PPA financing is available for commercial projects larger than 100kW located in the continental United States.

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View Live Rates

Instantly see live financing rates for your commercial project in Aurora’s Financing tool. Optimize your design, and make competitive sales proposals using actual rates that SCF is making available.


Apply for a Commercial PPA

Instead of spending time rounding up the necessary paperwork for a financing application, automatically transfer all of your design information from Aurora to SCF. With the click of a button you can send Aurora’s production data and project design details, making it easy for SCF to quickly assess your PPA application.

Enter your contact information, and whether you are a current Aurora or SCF customer,
and our team will get in touch about how you can access these integrated financing features!